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"...if you're committed to working and doing as I say, you will get results that will exceed your wildest expectations. You will become enlightened, you will become a master over your own body and mind. You will become a master of your own life."

"What could be better than that?... ...You can begin to help others do the same. Our world is really messed up and we need to help people feel better more often. With your permission, and your dedication, I'm going to turn you into a Jedi. Then, I expect that you go out be a part of the solution." Jeff Gignac


What is the Super Mind Academy?


The SMA is a comprehensive training Academy dedicated to improving your quality of life through personal empowerment. The SMA was developed by Jeff Gignac and his elite consulting partners to produce rapid transformations so you can begin to take immediate control of your destiny.


 Message from Jeff Gignac

Who is Jeff Gignac?

  • Director of New Life Pathways 
  • Co founder of Adaptive Response Training (ART) 
  • Master Practioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming 
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CHT) 
  • Diploma in Fear Elimination therapy (FET) 
  • Certified Hypnotist (AHA and AFL/CIO approved) 
  • Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner 
  • Leading expert in Brainwave Entrainment 
  • Creator of many of the audios for The Super Mind Evolution System
  • Author of The Enzyme Revolution and The Perfect Sleep System 
  • Clients include the military and CEO's of many global corporations 



Up-Grade your Life!


During your initial months the academy's focus will be on helping you get started with The Super Mind Evolution System (SMES).


The brainwave entrainment program will guide you through to deeper states of consciousness. This will help you get the most from some of the more advanced mind power programs such as remote viewing and subjective communication.


Jeff will also address specific programs in the SMES and give you simple ways of practising them.


During these first few months you'll also be given A.R.T and NLP strategies that help integrate the programs of the SMES into your life..




Each module on their own has shown to produce amazing results in peoples lives. Together, they give you the power of Self-Evolution and control of your future...




Training Modules



Module 1. 

A.R.T. Technologies 

(Adaptive Response Training Technologies)


In 2005, by the request of a Government Agency, Jeff Gignac and his consulting team conducted a ground breaking experiment that would change their lives forever. This experiment led to the creation of A.R.T. Technologies and a universal training program that accelerates your learning, increases your brain functioning and produces unstoppable personal power.


....And for the first time in over 3 years, Jeffrey Gignac is making the A.R.T. Technologies Program available to the public through the Super Mind Academy. 


Unfortunately this is all we're allowed to tell about the A.R.T. Technologies program. Remember, this privileged information and training and full disclosure about this program will only be available to subscribers of SMA.




Module 2. 

Practical Persuasion and Programming 

(Advanced NLP and Hypnosis)


While there are literally thousands of things you can learn that could improve the quality of your life, increasing your ability to persuade others can produce some very desirable results. Persuading others can also reap some real catastrophic results. Especially if you don't have the wisdom to wield it's power.


There is one closely guarded skill that makes it all work quickly, effectively and with almost zero effort. For now we'll call it “The Secret Skill”


...once you discover this skill, it can help you become 3000% more persuasive...




Module 3. 

Brainwave Entrainment.


The Brainwave Entrainment program at the SMA is light years ahead of anything you'll ever find available on the net or in stores. Even military doctors and psychologists are using our technologies to help eliminate the harmful effects of stress including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers returning from duty.


Independent researchers from around the globe have shown that continued use of Brainwave Entrainment technology produce very real and sustainable results such as 

  • Increased IQ 
  • increased Emotional Control  
  • Increased focus and concentration 
  • Enhanced sleeping patterns 
  • Increased sensory awareness  
  • Anti-aging effects including protection from mental illness. 
  • Enhanced learning and mental speed 
  • and much much more...  

The SMAs Brainwave Entrainment Program is so advanced that originally it was going to offered as a separate membership at $39.95 per month but because Jeffrey wants you to have every possible tool at your disposal so that you can begin to live the life of your dreams, it is now included for all subscribers (...for now).



How to join The Super Mind Academy



Membership at the academy will be just $49.95 $27 a month and this includes the A.R.T training, the NLP training and the brainwave entrainment program.


However you'll get a chance to get 30 days membership for just $4.95. This will help you get the most from our system and give you a chance to experience some of the advanced A.R.T and NLP strategies.


You'll get access to a private forum and over the coming months you'll receive tons of extra bonuses from Jeff's wide network of mind power experts.


There is NOTHING else like this available anywhere on the net, and people who stick with the program could discover strategies and techniques that change their life forever. 


You can easily unsubscribe from the academy at any time by contacting our help desk (in the members area). 


Some feedback from the academy... 


"Lisa's headache eased"

"A few days ago I had for the first time in ages one of my bad headaches (not sure if it was related to missing my morning BWE). By the evening I was unsure of doing my evening BWE because it was still very uncomfortable. I also normally find the Month 3 1.2 a little intense at times. However when I put it on, it was like the vibrations were massaging my brain and it was the most pleasant sensation. It really helped ease my headache and allow me to sleep well."

Lisa, Australia




"Joy finds permanent happiness"

"I find that I am always happy, and the things that used to bug me just don’t seem to effect me any more (even the bad British weather!) I find I am really optimistic and confident and am developing a steady belief in the Universe’s power to deliver. Which is all quite weird as everyone around me is talking about downturn and recession."

Joy, UK




"Fiona sees light at the end of the tunnel"

"Thank you Jeff …… Without finding my way here I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined myself where I am now and in such a short space of time. I really felt trapped in a very negative and unfulfilled mindset and lifestyle. Now I feel calm, relaxed (mostly lol) very positive and for the first time I have an idea of where I want to be a little further down the road. I can truly see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and it seems to be approaching fast.

The best thing of all is the way my “new me” seems to effect those around me, my friends, family and those I have contact with on a less regular basis such as the people in the supermarket or on the other end of the phone.

Jeff, words can never express how very grateful I am to be making this journey."

Fiona, England




"Adriene experiences timeless peace"

"I listened this morning for the first time and it was awesome I planned on listening for 5 minutes but when I looket at my watch I saw at least 10 minutes had passed. I was fully awake and I felt wonderful in fact so wonderful that I started to cry, I felt peace into the very core of my being, time didn’t exist and I wished to continue."

Adriene, Holland




"Susy loses weight and makes money..."

"Since I started with SMA I have lost 10 pounds easily and have increase energy. I do the program every day I use the tapes plus I practice your lessons I did meet my 30 day goal of increasing my monthly income with ease by 300.00 a month. I love the Super Mind Academy and I want to thank you for creating it."

Susy, Florida




"Sunflower is almost overwhelmed with happiness..."

"A miracle that makes me almost overwhelmed with happiness – ever since I started practicing pacing, my kids seem to be drawn to me to talk. And I enjoy every single moment with them!!

I was also using Holosync before - but never experienced anything this powerful. I gladly embrace every new challenge – with support like we have in this forum I know I can master anything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all of you!!"



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